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Vicki Monroe:
Spirit Messenger, Psychic Medium, Animal communicator,
Intuitive Life Coach, & Ph.d in Holistic Health


Maine Women Magazine

Vicki will be featured in the Maine Women Magazine’s December Issue.
Look for it on newsstands!


Events at Jonathan’s!

Vicki will be doing 5 shows at Jonathan’s Ogunquit in the New Year!
Our first new event date is March 27th!

For more information on seating and tickets, go to
or check out their facebook page.
Vicki wishes a very Merry Christmas and a joyous holiday season to all!


Vicki makes frequent event appearances!

Vicki Monroe is considered to be one of the world’s leading psychic mediums whose gifts go far beyond basic spirit messaging to include spiritual counseling, health and wellness counseling, criminal cold case investigation, and more. Vicki is also now a contributing freelance writer for Mindstate Magazine.

Vicki has been seeing, hearing, and communicating with the spirit world since the age of three and has been providing her services as a psychic medium professional for over two decades. She has also been the host of multiple radio shows and featured on television specials on the Discovery and History channels.

As a psychic medium, Vicki has worked with both local and federal branches of law enforcement on criminal cold case investigation. Her psychic mediumship skills have aided investigators on several cold case crime scenes across the United States. One of her first and most notable cases was the disappearance of Amy St. Laurent who disappeared in October 2001 in Portland, Maine.

Vicki provides her services to the US Military, working with the surviving families of fallen service men and women. She has been able to provide a direct connection for families to have the opportunity to say “Goodbye” to their fallen loved ones and find a sense of peace and closure.

Vicki provides a unique perspective on psychic mediumship and is always eager to share her gifts and lessons with others. She believes that we can all connect directly with our loved ones in the spirit world, and she is available to provide support and guidance to persons working on developing their psychic mediums skills.

Vicki has traveled extensively throughout the world, hosting lectures, workshops, and individual readings. She also provides her psychic medium services via phone or internet and has worked with clients from as far away as Iraq, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

Vicki is always available for your emails, group readings, and personal readings in person or by phone. Please feel free to leave her a comment or question, or book your own private or group reading.

“Sometimes we need a little guidance, and if speaking with a loved one helps you, then I will help get you there.”

Vicki’s Holiday Schedule

Vicki has changed her schedule!
Happy Holidays to all of you both near and far!

You have asked, I will deliver! Starting November 29th, yes a Saturday, I will be doing 5 Half Hour Sessions at the sale price of $100.00! I will be doing this Saturday and Sunday throughout the Holiday season as my gift to you.

So many cannot make appointments during the week and have asked for weekend appointments; what better time to do that then during the holidays. Remember these are only Half Hour Sessions. For One Hour In-Person Sessions you can still see me at the Kennebunk Inn. The rest of the week will be for Half Hour as well as One Hour Phone and Skype Sessions. I hope you will take advantage of this as my Happy Holidays from Heaven!

Click here for pricing and to book your session!


James Van Praagh“I was fortunate enough to see Vicki’s appearance on Psychic Investigators and thought her work to be wonderful and light-hearted. Her gifts are pure, and I was moved by her compassion.”

James Van Praagh, Medium, Author, Teacher,
and inspiration for the hit show “Ghost Whisperer”


Living Your Best Year

Vicki is one of the experts interviewed for the Living Your Best Year Summit.
Summit launches on November 17th, and Vicki’s interview is on November 19th!
Ready to Live Your Best Year? Click here to sign up now!
Living Your Best Year


Media Events and Articles

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